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Our Supporters

Our Sponsors

The Trust is grateful for the support it receives from private and business sponsors - in doing so, they support the continuation of our small organisation that makes a considerable contribution to the cultural offering of the local area, not only through our own work but by supporting a range of organisations who we in turn support, through the provision of box office services, raffle prizes, Oundle Cinema DVDs and inclusive promotional activities.  We aim to work closely with our sponsors to ensure that sponsorship is of benefit to both parties.  Immediate benefits include their profile being connected with our well respected brand, the inclusion of logos, advertisements and mentions in event programmes, promotional materials and activities and tickets the sponsored event.  The sponsorship package, within reason, can be tailored to each organisations requirements. 

Event sponsorship starts at £100 for sponsorship of a film at Oundle Cinema, or £125 for an organ recital during the Oundle International Festival. Requested amounts increase with the profile of the event.

If sponsorship doesn't appeal this year, your business can be come one of our valued Local Business Supporters for £65 per annum.

Please contact us for an informal chat.

2017 Sponsors:

AGA Oundle
Douglas and Margaret Butler
Colemans and The Oundle Bookshop
Hambleton Bakery
Ewan and Jenny Harper
The Countess Howe
Nene Living 
Francis and Rachel Terry
Viscount Organs
Waterland Associates
Kate Wishart